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Branding and communications aren’t really new subjects to master. In fact, brand custodians, marketeers, and advertising geniuses had always been quite consumed with finding right answers to the most pertinent question: How to be unique identifiable, and eventually how to sell products to customers. We run our business in highly competitive space, and we know what you feel.

In 1998, two young and promising women entrepreneurs at Mumbai decided to have a crack at it. Brimming with exuberance & confidence, trusting their innate talent, and enjoying an unending zeal to work harder than hardest, these two young women, who incidentally shared their first names, decided to look at this problem a little differently.

The first step, they took, to tackle this question was to invariably change it. Instead of trying to figure out how to sell a brand more to customers, Preeti Khankhoje and Preeti Gandhi decided to stress more on answering how not to sell, but instead, “how to get consumers to buy it on their own”.

That’s when, Vivid Brand Communication was born.

As the literal meaning of the word vivid, the Vivid Brand Communication continues to bring freshness, vibrancy, and the required intensity in how its clients decide to brand themselves.

“Products are made in factory, but brands are made in mind.”

– Walter Landor

Passion is our core competency

We love working with brands. And our passion shows through all what we do.

With over 21 years of collaboration with national and local clients, we have created a hybrid consultancy that combines the best from disciplines of brand strategy and positioning, identity and design, brand architecture, innovation, naming and verbal branding, research and analytics, environments and experience, engagement and activation, and digital and social media that extend across all touchpoints of the branding spectrum.

We’re proud of our independence to give practical and jargon free brand solutions.

  • Comprehensive Brand Strategy
  • Integrated Brand Development
  • Internal & External Brand Communication
  • Conceptualization & Creative Execution
  • Digital Strategy and Marketing
  • Brand Workshops

Vivid Brand Communication enhances the brand value of an organization manifold by introducing an integrated, tactical approach that packages thought-leadership, core value system, superlative creativity, effective internal and external communications, stronger corporate identity, trustworthy public relations, and experiential events.

All this to create the most optimum and right image of the organization. And, ensure a long-lasting, fruitful customer loyalty.

We are your growth partner

Instead of merely understanding design briefs and executing marketing projects, Vivid Brand Communication has evolved as a comprehensive brand clinic.

Before crafting effective brand solutions for its clients, Vivid Brand Communication always immerses itself with the daily operations of its clients – new businesses, growing businesses or large conglomerates – absorbing the present situations and understanding how to develop the brand sense right at their DNA, and not just as an add-on makeup.

Vivid Brand Communication’s founders Preeti Khankhoje and Preeti Gandhi, along with their talented and creative designers and marketing experts, bring in their consultative approach to craft a brand distinctive, create the right brand story, and make it more identifiable.

All, boiling down to hard numbers on how consumers react to the brand.

We co-create success with our clients

To co-create brand success with our clients, we have developed our proprietary process called the Vivid 5D Process.

The Vivid 5D Process spells out clearly the qualitative steps and the relevant milestones that each brand must undertake to be re-imagined and re-architected to stay on course to success.

  • DEFINITION: Discover and gain deep understanding of business, sector, goals, projects and requirements.
  • DECISION: Analyze what will work and how.
  • DEVELOPMENT: Devise an effective and relevant strategy, and assess resources.
  • DESIGN: Based on project requirements, goals to be achieved and devised strategy, design a tactical approach plan.
  • DELIVER: Integrate reviews, modifications and learnings, and execute the plan to reach the decided goals and deliver customer delight.

The Vivid 5D Process ensures that the brands of our clients are revolutionized like never before in a very sustained and long-term impactful manner.

PREETI KHANKHOJE, Co-Founder & Brand Strategist

An alumnus of Indian Institute of Management – Ahmedabad (IIM-A), Preeti Khankhoje strongly believes in result-oriented business strategies.

She always strives to help clients to have a distinct, lasting and substantial improvements in their business performance and to build great firm that develop and retain happy consumers.

Preeti has been awarded the ‘Best Communicator Award’ by the ISB&M, Pune.

PREETI GANDHI, Co-Founder & Brand Manager

Preeti Gandhi works very closely with clients at each step and focuses on every aspect of brand development & communications to help create successful brands.

A post-graduate in Systems Management, she began her career with Godrej as software consultant but soon found her calling in brand, marketing and communications.

Preeti is often invited by management institutes for guest lectures on branding and entrepreneurship.

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100+ Satisfied Clients

We have worked for two decades with hundred of clients, helping every one of them craft the right brand story and create magic with their communications.

What Our Clients Say?

“Vivid’s work on ideation, strategy & concept creation has been remarkable and quite professional. It has been appreciated a lot by our stakeholders.”

Vijay Makhija

Regional Head of Marketing & Communications, Pfizer

“Vivid proposed brilliant Go-To-Market strategy that helped us gain significant mindshare. They have acted as a brand custodian for us and have been guiding us to reach our mission of becoming the number 1 express cargo solution provider by 2020.”

Vishal Shah

Director, V-Xpress

“Vivid Brand Communication has a really successful and highly efficient team in the branding industry that I have ever come across. Coordination and creativity are outstanding and they are surely worth the investment.”

Anuj Sangoi

Managing Director, Trans Air Express